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As two lovers of travel, we enjoy sharing our experiences with others; recommending things to do and places to see. We spend the majority of our holidays on cruises and are lucky enough to get to see many different places but only for a few hours at a time. It's not easy to get the most out of a location in six hours if you don't know what to do! Our aim is to make that easier for others and to use the extensive research we have done as a guide to fellow travellers. Here's a chance to get to know a little bit more about us.

21 Cruises

103 Ports

53 Flights

25 Countries

470 Days

137,639 Miles

Chris Moden

Chris; web designer, photographer and over-user of hairspray. A seasoned traveller, he has racked up over 213 nights on European cruises and has visited 97 ports over the last 8 years. With a deep-rooted love for travel, he is always longing for adventure and sightseeing is one of his greatest passions. Always wandering off, camera in hand wherever we go, it seemed natural to make use of his photographs via this platform!

Chris' eye for photography prefers urban art, graffiti and images of decay and abandonment and he can often be found squatting in alleyways with his Nikon D800 trying to get the perfect composition for a shot. This doesn’t come quickly and it isn’t unusual for him to take over 1000 photos in a day whilst on holiday, something Amy finds a little frustrating at times! However, his recent discovery of Moment lenses have meant that he can now travel lighter but still get some impressive shots without the need to carry lots of gear!

Chris’ love of cruising started out as somewhat of a necessity. With a love for travel and exploring new places, but a fear of flying and heights, cruising seemed to be a perfect compromise that ticked all of the right boxes! Averaging 3 cruises a year helped him to rack up a decent amount of nautical miles, however being married to a teacher has slowed this pace down somewhat as holiday prices have now doubled, the only downside to being married to Amy of course!


Colour: Blue
Place: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Ship: Arcadia
Animal: Tiger
Cuisine: Indian
Dish: Beans on Toast
Dessert: Cheesecake
Snack: Jaffa Cakes
Biscuit: Bourbons
Cereal: Rice Krispies
Chocolate: Kinder Bueno
Ice Cream: Strawberry

Drink: Tea
Cocktail: Daiquiri
Film: Vertigo
Director: Hitchcock
Actor: James Stewart
Actress: Saoirse Ronan
Song: Fat Bottomed Girls
Band: Queen
Singer: Alex Turner
Artist: Banksy
Author: Pass
Smell: Barbecue
Fragrance: Angel Men

Trip Tunes

Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding)
Wake Up Boo (Boo Radleys)
Club Tropicana (Wham!)
YMCA (Village People)
Africa (Toto)

Clothes Off (Jermaine Stewart)
Records (Corrine Bailey Rae)
Kingston Town (UB40)
Red Red Wine (UB40)
Smile (Lily Allen)

Cies Island Nature Reserve in Spain
Statue of Rames II at Karnak Temple in Egypt
Traditional Cottage in France
Temple at Delos in Greece
Graffiti in Bordeaux in France
César Manrique's House in Lanzarote

Amy Moden

Amy; teacher, vintage enthusiast and general eccentric, a relatively new traveller compared to Chris, she has started out on her journey with an open heart and thirst for knowledge. With a love for historic understanding and an eagerness to learn more, she has been keen to add stamps to her passport. She always has plenty to say and what better way of doing this than by writing down our experiences along the way!

Amy's breath is always taken away with stunning landscapes, especially hills and mountains - a feeling that began aged 8 on her first ever school residential trip. But her heart is truly by the sea and she loves coastal locations and walks along the beach. This is maybe why cruising has become a new found passion. This paired with her old-fashioned nature, a love for dressing up in fabulous outfits and quirky accessories (such as her El Camino bracelet), makes her a perfect cruising candidate! Of course she also enjoys posing for a photo or two and has become Chris’ number one muse whether he likes it or not!

Amy loves history and finding out more about people and places from the past. Travelling gives her the opportunity to explore the culture and heritage of new places and learn more about significant events, characters and periods from each of the places she visits. This knowledge also comes in handy in the classroom too!


Colour: Red
Place: Paris
Country: France
Ship: Oriana
Animal: Penguin
Cuisine: Italian
Dish: Toad in the Hole
Dessert: Bread & Butter Pudding
Snack: Pringles
Biscuit: Viennese Fingers
Cereal: Golden Grahams
Chocolate: Malteesers Truffles
Ice Cream: Mint Choc Chip

Drink: Tea
Cocktail: Appletini
Film: Moulin Rouge!
Director: Hitchcock
Actor: James Stewart
Actress: Bette Davis
Song: All I See Is You
Band: Carpenters
Singer: Dusty Springfield
Artist: Jack Vettriano
Author: Agatha Christie
Smell: New Carpet
Fragrance: Lady Million

Trip Tunes

Ooh Ohh Song (Pat Benatar)
Better Together (Jack Johnson)
Love Power (Dusty Springfield)
Ella Hula Hula (Si Cranstoun)
Hotel California (Eagles)

Island of Lost Souls (Blondie)
Seaside (The Kooks)
California Dreamin' (Mamas & Papas)
Shackles (Mary Mary)
I'm Yours (Jason Mraz)

Amy in St Peter Port in Guernsey
Amy in Saint Tropez
Amy in Cadiz
Amy in Saint Tropez
Amy on the Belmond British Pullman
Amy in Maddalena in Sardinia
Amy in Porto in Portugal
Amy in Cannes in France
Amy in Cadiz
Amy in Cannes in France
Amy at Utah Beach in France
Amy in Cartagena in Spain

As a Couple

As a couple, we have begun a lifelong journey to seek out more in the world and share our travel experiences together. Having met in February 2016 and getting married in April 2017, we have pooled our passions and personal interests and now try to travel as often as our bank balance allows. Our usual holidays are polar opposites in many ways. With a love for cruises and the luxury and glamour that they can offer, it is a million miles away from the breaks in our touring caravan. These are much more laid back and down to earth in a home away from home environment, where joggers and wellies are commonplace!

Our desire with this blog is to create a virtual scrapbook of our times, as well as helping others to get the most out of their travels. We wanted to create a place to share what we have discovered as well as the photographs that we have taken along the way. Most of our visits are short and sweet, so join us as we explore some amazing locations, often in less than 12 hours! We hope to share with others, hear from fellow travellers and follow up recommendations so please visit our contact page, social media or maybe even send us a postcard. Happy travelling!

Formal Night Portrait on a P&O Cruise
At the Louvre in Paris
Formal Night Portrait on a P&O Cruise
Honeymoon in Cannes
Cheers from TwoCan Visit
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