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Everyone has those items that they just can't travel without - and we are no different! There's so much to choose from, whether it's everyday essentials that help you through your holiday or high-end tech products that add to your experiences. Tried and tested, this is a chance to share our views on the gear at the top of our packing list.

Moment Phone Lenses

Moment Lenses

Year after year, smartphone cameras have become more capable, more versatile, and more of a reason to leave your DSLR at home. But what if you could have the combination of both? The practicality of using the camera on your phone, but with the versatility of having interchangeable lenses? Now with Moment phone lenses, you can!

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El Camino Bracelet Review

El Camino Bracelets

Would you like to travel with your travels? El Camino Bracelets are a fantastic way of documenting your adventures in an attractive but practical way. Each one is unique as it tells your own story, can be personalised and you can alter and change it as often as you want to. The only downside is fitting all of your experiences onto one bracelet!

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Life Less Ordinary Travel Jewellery Review

Life Less Ordinary

Many travellers love to personalise their appearance to reflect their unique journeys and experiences that have made them the people they are, and I am no different! Jewellery company Life Less Ordinary have tapped into this market at a time when morality and ethics have never mattered more. Read our bracelet gear review to find out how.

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