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Many travellers love to personalise their appearance to reflect their unique journeys and experiences that have made them the people they are, and I am no different! Jewellery company Life Less Ordinary have tapped into this market at a time when morality and ethics have never mattered more. Read on to find out how.

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by Amy

Many travellers love to personalise their appearance to reflect their unique journeys and experiences that have made them the people they are, and I am no different! Jewellery company Life Less Ordinary have tapped into this market at a time when morality and ethics have never mattered more. Boasting a wide range of products that are not only personalised and interesting, but also use ethically and sustainably sourced resources, they tick all of the boxes of the modern consumer. With all these positives in mind, I just had to give these products a try for myself.

A relatively new company, Life Less Ordinary are an ethical, cruelty free, Fairtrade supporting company in a time when these values have never been more importantly or relevant. Brighton based, the couple who set up the company hand-make each product having taken a leap of faith into the world of independent business.

Now is a time when small businesses can find it difficult to turn a profit, but founders Amie and Joseph have also committed to donating a proportion of sales back to a charity called the Reserva Project, which protects rainforests and the animals that live there. You can’t help having respect for these guys who are not only looking to break away from the nine to five, but are also helping the world as they do so.

So what is it that makes this company a little different to all of the rest? For me it’s the materials used to make the product that make you take notice. The main plaque of each piece of jewellery is made using a relatively unknown but interesting natural product called the tagua nut. Contrary to its name, it isn’t actually a nut but a seed, and has been likened in appearance and durability to ivory.

Growing at the top of palm trees, these seeds can be harvested ethically without the cruelty that animal poaching for ivory creates. In fact, one tagua palm can produce more vegetable ivory in one year than an elephant can in its entire lifetime. Once picked and dried, the nuts can then be cut, dyed or manipulated in many different ways to create the unique jewellery plaques that make up the centrepiece of Life Less Ordinary’s range. No two nuts are the same and so every piece will be as unique as the memories you treasure.

As a fan of wristwear, I love unique bracelets that hold a special story to me. When people comment on what I am wearing, it’s always nice to have a personal story to share attached to the bracelet in question. The individual engravings do this perfectly and yet on first glance to the unknown eye you wouldn’t know what you were looking at. It can be your own little secret location if that is what you wish.

  • Life Less Ordinary Travel Jewellery
  • Life Less Ordinary Travel Jewellery

The two engraved pieces that I have were gifts from Chris; he chose the coordinates from two special moments from 2019. The first (an ocean blue disc bracelet) is a hotel and spa in Harrogate that we visited for my birthday in July. It was an amazing weekend with great food and holds special memories for us both. The second (a coffee brown bracelet with black coordinates disc) denotes coordinates that were much more life changing! It notes the location on a cruise in the Baltic sea (roughly somewhere between Russian and Finland) where we found out that we were going to be parents for the first time. To receive such a thoughtful and personal gift, and one that I can have close to me on a daily basis, was really overwhelming and unique.

The range of different products available is vast from bracelets to anklets, earrings to cufflinks. For the bracelets alone there are 23 design options with the majority having the option to be personalised and a few more generic motifs.

Add into this the range of band colours, a total of five single shades or a mixture of two colours woven together, there are literally hundreds of combinations so it's unlikely you will find someone else with your bracelet. Bracelet prices start at £14 and depending on your customisation choices, can rise to only a further £7 which is great value for money considering the thought and detail that is being put into each item.

The earring designs are also made from the tagua nut which are mounted on stainless steel backs and carved into cute and quirky characters such as cats, dogs, birds and campervans. At only £9 per pair they make a lovely present or stocking-filler for friends and family, or a great little personal treat. If you’re looking for a gift for a male then Life Less Ordinary can also help with a range of cufflinks. Again, these come in a range of designs and can be personalised with engravings of names, dates or coordinates to make the gift even more special and thoughtful. At under £20 and just £3 more for a personalised gift box, it won’t break the bank but will look like you have spent much, much more.

Life Less Ordinary Fernweh Coordinates Bracelet
Life Less Ordinary Coordinates Disc Bracelet
Life Less Ordinary Mountain Bracelet
Life Less Ordinary Fernweh Coordinates Cufflinks
Life Less Ordinary Disc Coordinates Bracelet
Life Less Ordinary Coordinates Bracelet
Life Less Ordinary Campervan Bracelet
Life Less Ordinary Heart Bracelet
Life Less Ordinary Coordinates Bracelet

The most surprising part to this product came unexpectedly. I have spent years trying to convince Chris that he would look great wearing jewellery. With the blonde, messy hair and constant tan it seemed the only thing missing were some beads or cords around his wrist. However, despite my constant pleading and empty efforts, I have always been met with a brick wall of "no chance". Until now that is! In fact, when the parcel of goodies arrived I was surprised to find Chris handling some of the bracelets with interest. This demonstrates another great bonus point to these products; they are unisex and can be worn by anyone and everyone. In fact, swapping and wearing each other’s bracelets is a fantastic way to stay connected to one another especially if your travels take you in different directions.

During our next holiday he wore them all the time and my suspicions were right; he looked great in them. Not only that but he enjoyed wearing them and the look it gave him. Chris chose two of the more generic bracelet designs. The first, a Deep Ocean wave bracelet with ocean blue coloured band, reminds him of times on the high seas and his love for cruises and ships. The second is a Great Outdoors mountain bracelet with a combination of coffee brown and burgundy for the band colour. For our third wedding anniversary we celebrated the day by climbing Mount Vesusius in Italy, so this bracelet reminds him of that memorable day and the uphill climb that our marriage sometimes is!

Roundup about Moment Lenses

Life Less Ordinary offer a great range of jewellery products that not only make you look good but encourage ethically positive shopping from an independent retailer. Being of a relatively low cost, you can wear them without worrying about losing expensive items and they are comfortable to wear as part of everyday life. For the bracelets alone, with the motifs and colour choices there are almost 350 combinations of styles and colours, and that doesn’t include the personalised element. Even their packaging and business cards are made from recycled materials; recycled t-shirts to be exact! So not only can you look good wearing these products, but you can also feel good about it too.

Life Less Ordinary Travel Bracelets
Life Less Ordinary Travel Bracelets
Life Less Ordinary Travel Bracelet
Life Less Ordinary Travel Bracelets
Life Less Ordinary Travel Bracelets
Life Less Ordinary Travel Bracelets